Wake Forest University provides free website hosting services, referred to as WakeSites, to members of the University community. WakeSites provides users with a sub-domain name (username.sites.wfu.edu) and allows them to tie that URL to Web hosting systems and tools. The system is managed by Wake Forest’s Information Systems Department, and students, faculty, and staff can sign-up on sites.wfu.edu.

WakeSites may be used for academic and University-related purposes only; personal sites must be migrated to a personally purchased domain name provided by Reclaim Hosting. For example, if a site is created for an academic course and the content is of a personal nature, Wake Forest suggests that the user download site information and migrate the information to a personal domain following the prescribed steps at the conclusion of the course. Consult section 5 of the WakeSites Community Document page for migration steps. This policy is not meant to prohibit official units of Wake Forest from providing information on conferences and other professional and scholarly activities in which Wake Forest faculty or staff are engaged.

WakeSite users must abide by applicable University policies, including but not limited to, Wake Forest’s Policy on Responsible and Ethical Use of Computing Resources, and Wake Forest’s Honor Code and Conduct System for Undergraduate Students.

In addition, all users must comply with copyright and trademark laws. Except where fair use or other applicable exceptions apply, users must secure permission from the owner of the copyright or trademark when including copyrighted or trademarked material, such as text, photographs, audio, video, graphics, maps, or logos, and include a permission statement or disclaimer as required by the owner of the copyright or trademark. For more information on copyright, see the U.S. Copyright Office website.

Use and disclosure of information from student education records must be in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Consult the Wake Forest University Academic-Records privacy statement or the University’s Legal Department for guidance.

Wake Forest may remove any content that it determines is in violation of any of these policies, standards, or applicable law.

Creators of web pages on sites.wfu.edu are solely responsible for the content on their website. Comments on the contents of those pages should be directed to the page author. For informational purposes only, Wake Forest University may provide links to personal Web pages. Although Wake Forest does not routinely monitor the content of these pages, it reserves the right to remove or limit content and/or access to Web pages that violates applicable University policies, standards, or local, state, or federal law. Web pages created by faculty, staff or students on WakeSites must not convey the impression that the author is representing, giving opinions, or otherwise making statements on behalf of Wake Forest or any unit of Wake Forest.

Websites covered by this policy are prohibited from hosting pages on behalf of individuals and organizations that are not affiliated with Wake Forest.

Users are prohibited from using a Wake Forest computer system to operate a private business, and from accepting payment card transactions on the site. Colleges and departments must request an exemption from Information Systems Infrastructure and Communications in order to utilize a domain extension other than .edu (.com, .org, .etc).

Faculty, staff, and students may not conduct fundraising campaigns on their pages or link to a fundraising page other than that of University Advancement.

Fraternities, sororities, and other service organizations may describe philanthropic efforts on their websites and provide a street address and phone number for contributions.

To protect the educational nature of Wake Forest websites and to preserve their primary role in support of the mission of the institution, commercial advertising is prohibited on the .sites.wfu.edu domain or using Wake Forest internet protocol ranges. Co-branding, hyperlinked logos, link exchanges, and associate, affiliate, and referral programs are among the items that will be considered commercial advertising. Text links provided for informational purposes or as part of a comprehensive list of sources will not be considered commercial advertising unless the purpose is to promote a product or service.

Users understand that the work they publish and make publicly available on their site will be accessible by the general public. Users who are interested in creating spaces that have restricted availability may do so, but content and behavior in these spaces must abide by the same laws, policies, and standards as publicly available content.

Users understand that the Wake Forest University Information Systems Infrastructure Linux Administrators and designees have full access to all user accounts and content for the purpose of troubleshooting and managing the system. In instances where content is found to be in violation of applicable laws, policies, or standards, this access can also be used to remove user content. Users who violate applicable laws, policies, or standards may have their accounts suspended permanently and may be reported to the Dean of Students or Human Resources, or law enforcement.

Student users who receive a domain and hosting space may continue to use it for as long as they are a student at Wake Forest. Six months after graduation, suspension, or withdrawal, access to hosting space will become unavailable and domains will no longer be renewed. Information about how to take over ownership of domains and export content from the Web hosting space will be provided by Wake Forest upon request.

Faculty/Staff users who receive a domain and hosting space may continue to use it for as long as they are employed by Wake Forest. Upon termination of their employment with Wake Forest, access to hosting space will become unavailable and domains will no longer be renewed. Information about how to take over ownership of domains and export content from the Web hosting space will be provided by Wake Forest upon request. Exceptions may be granted for retiring faculty upon request.

Wake Forest University may discontinue website hosting services at any time. In the event such services are discontinued, users may be given the opportunity to take over ownership of their domains and export all of their content.