VPN or on-campus network access is now required to log into WordPress sites and the WakeSites Dashboard.

What will you create?

A personal portfolio? Digital exhibit? Course blog? Or something else?

Create your vision with WakeSites, a platform to easily build websites and digital projects.

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How it works

WakeSites equips you with your own domain: username.sites.wfu.edu

You can also choose to register a custom domain after signing up. 

Create, delete, and backup sites as you wish with the click of a button!

Easily take your domain and hosting with you when you graduate or leave the University.

Choose your domain

Create web-based sites and projects with these popular platforms:

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  • Course Blogs
  • Portfolio/Resume Sites
  • Student Group Sites
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  • Web Publishing
  • Digital Collections
  • Online Exhibits
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  • Long-Form Digital Scholarship
  • Collaborative Authoring
  • Assemble and Juxtapose Media

Before you get started

We recommend taking advantage of the following resources before diving into your project:

Is WakeSites right for me?

WakeSites enables you to build dynamic websites using web platforms such as WordPress and Scalar.

If you’re looking for simple, drag-and-drop tools to create a website, check out Google Sites and Adobe Spark Page first. They are easy-to-use alternatives for building static content on the web.

Reference the WFU Web Hosting Options comparison to learn more. 

Check out the AskDeac Help Articles for step-by-step directions on signing up, registering a domain, migrating your sites, and more. 

The Official WakeSites Documentation has detailed technical information for more advanced users. 

Endeavor to reach the widest possible audience with a website that is accessible to people with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive ability.

Resources are available to assist you in learning more about accessibility and how to develop and create content that supports a broader spectrum of users.

Read the policies

With great power comes great responsibility.

You must ensure that the content on, and use of, your website is in accordance with the WakeSites Terms of Service and the University’s Policies and Standards.

Wake Forest University reserves the right to disable sites in violation of these policies and those that present an active security risk. Commercial use of WakeSites is prohibited.